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Subscribe to the Tribe for 12 months and only pay for 11 months

Get additional discounted rates for Multiple children

What do you get every month per child:

Storybook to read & interact with

Colour me in craft bag to use / craft with

Colour me in activity pack of activity sheets & crayons

Colour me in wooden tribe collector's item put me on your mountain! Change my accessories & have FUN FUN FUN

NOTE: The shipping fee covers a Welcome bag that we send the child in the first month.

Once you have paid for your annual subscription email Nadine@Kidsbookclub.co.za with your child/children's:



Month of birth

Year of birth

Annual subscription - We will provide you with a gift certificate and set up your subscription for you with your 12th month for free!

Your first subscription will be shipped on the 15th of the following month.